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Gold features – Travian FAQ

Category: Gold features

01. What are Gold features?

You can buy several Gold features which are not included in the Gold club membership. Below, you will find useful links which will explain the various Gold features in more detail: production bonus finish...

02. Production bonus

You can buy for 5 a production bonus about 25% for 7 days on a normal speed server and for 3 days on a 3x speed server. Activate it here: Or here:  

03. Finish constructions/research orders

There is only ONE way to instantly finish construction(s) and/or research. When construction is already started and/or when the research is already in process, a gold button appears. To instantly finish press the “complete construction immediately” button. A confirmation...

04. NPC Merchant

NPC trade is a way to redistribute resources in your village. Any resource can be traded for any other resource. This is a gold feature and 3 golds are needed to do the NPC trade. This is...

05. Master builder

You will need to construct a building with the master builder if you don’t have enough resources to construct the building or your workers are already at work. The master builder waits till you...