Task 05

When looking at your stocks, to the right you can see the free crop, which indicates the amount of crop available for new buildings. Buildings consume crop for their upkeep. Please construct a cropland now. 

  • Click on a crop field to open it

    • From your main screen click one of the white circles over the yellow wheat areas – you have 6 to choose from.
  • Upgrade the cropland to level 1
    • Click the button ‘upgrade to level 1’ before going to click on your guide again to the right.
    • You can read more about croplands here.

Your village now produces enough crop again to support new buildings. The population of has to be fed locally; stationed troops can also be supported by crop deliveries.

Your reward: Instantly finish construction of level 1 cropland and upgrade to level 2. Click the ‘Collect reward’ button to receive this and continue on.

Task 6

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