Task 12

Task Name: All to 5

Description: You will need a much higher production in order to spare you a long waiting time until you are able to afford the buildings and settlers needed for a second village. Upgrade all resource fields to level 5.

How to do this task: Upgrade all resource fields to 5. This may seem like a long, tedious task to finish off this set, but it is well worth it. A high production value is required to ensure you don’t have a long wait for resources in the future.
As before click through and queue your productions where you can. You can leave the game and come back and time will have passed. This means you can leave fields upgrading that may be taking a longer time and come back when they are finished.
Congratulations on completing the economy tasks and good luck for your round of Travian.
You can find more information on gaining support about the game here.

Reward: 24h production bonus for all 4 resources.

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