Unit 06 – Natarian Knight

Natarian KnightPrerequisites for research: ?
Prerequisites for training: ?

Only the most skilful and strongest warriors of the Natars survive the training to become a Natarian Knight. Seeing them fight fills one with awe and shows what true warfare is. They wield their blades as if they were one with their arms and hands and use their shields seemingly as a natural extension of their bodies. Even the horses they ride are specially bred and trained – no normal horse would be able to wear the armour the knights’ horses wear, let alone the knight himself, and still be able to go to war. Whispers of their glory have even reached the most distant kingdoms, spreading fear and horror.

  Lumber Clay Iron Crop Consumption Research time
Research ? ? ? ? / ?
Training ? ? ? ? ? ?
Velocity ? Fields per hour
Can carry ? Resources

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