Unit 09 – Senator

SenatorPrerequisites for research: Rally point level 10, Academy level 20
Prerequisites for training: Residence/Palace level 10/(15)/20

The Senator is the tribe’s chosen leader. He’s a good speaker and knows how to convince others. He is able to persuade other villages to fight for the empire.

Every time the Senator speaks to the inhabitants of a village, the enemy’s loyalty value decreases until the village is yours.

  Attack value Defense against infantry Defense against cavalry
Value at troop level 0 50 40 30
  Lumber Clay Iron Crop Consumption Research time
Research 15880 13800 36400 22660 / 6:47:55
Training 30750 27200 45000 37500 5 25:11:40
Velocity 4 Fields per hour
Can carry 0 Resources

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