01. Which tribes exist and what are their advantages?

The Romans

The Roman empire is the easiest for newcomers to Travian. Because of their significant social and technological developments, the Romans are the masters of building coordination, and their troops are the Travian elite. They are relatively decent in both attack and defence. To get this versatility, however, they must go through a long and expensive training.

Their infantry is legendary, but their defence against cavalry is the lowest of all the tribes.

Special Features:

  • Simultaneous construction of resource fields and buildings.
  • Higher defence bonus from city wall.
  • Merchants can carry 500 resources (speed: 16 fields/hour).
  • Extremely powerful infantry, mediocre cavalry.
  • Training is long and expensive.

The Gauls

The Gauls are the most peace-loving of all the tribes. Their units are well-trained in defensive tactics, but their offence is lacking in comparison to the other tribes. Gauls are born riders, and their horses are legendary for their speed, allowing them to move quickly and surprise their foes.

This tribe is relatively easy to defend, but an offensive play style is also quite possible. It offers the possibility to go in every strategic direction (offensive or defensive doctrine, lone wolf or helper in emergencies, infantry- or cavalry-based, settler or conqueror), so anything is doable for a skilled player, but also good for beginners!

For beginning players, Gauls make a good choice due to how easily they can defend, both against attackers and against resource loss.

Special Features:

  • Speed bonus: Fastest units in the game.
  • Moderate defence bonus from the Palisade.
  • Merchants can carry 750 resources (speed: 24 fields/hour).
  • 1.5 times cranny size (raid protection).
  • Expensive siege weapons.
  • Cheap settlers.

The Teutons

The Teutons are the most offensive of all the tribes. Teutonic warriors are dreaded everywhere because of their berserker rage in battle. They are the pillaging hordes roaming the lands, completely unafraid of death.

Because the Teutons lack the military discipline of the Gauls and Romans, they are somewhat slower and weaker than other troops. For offence minded and experienced players, the Teutons are a great choice!

Special Features:

  • The earth wall is almost indestructible, but offers little defence.
  • Merchants can carry 1000 resources (speed: 12 fields/hour).
  • Unequivocally cheap, fastest produced, and the best carrying capacity troops.

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