Great Warehouse

Great Warehouse

Prerequisites: Main Building level 10, Wonder of the World level 0 OR one great warehouse or great granary plan

Wood, clay and iron are stored in the warehouse. The great warehouse offers you more space and keeps your goods drier and safer than the normal one.

After building up one great warehouse to level 20, additional great warehouses can be built.

This building can only be built in the old Natarian villages (these villages are holding a Wonder of the World) or with special Natarian artefacts.

Please note that in a Wonder of the World village, the building times will be half of what they are in villages holding a a great granary/great warehouse artefact.

The level dependent attributes (such as construction costs ,generated culture points and capacity) can be found here.
For the full table of construction times click this link for server with 1x speed and this link for server with 3x speed.

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