Task 10

Task Name:  Auctions

Description:  The Auction area is where you can buy and sell items that the hero finds on adventures. To purchase auction items you must have silver and there are several ways to get it. Sometimes you get silver from an adventure or for completing other tasks. You can also sell items at the auction to purchase silver. Finally you can exchange gold for silver in the Exchange area.

How to do this task: The silver / gold exchange office is now on the auction page. It’s only visible after you finished 10 adventures. Click on the Auction Hammer under the Hero’s picture to go directly to the auction area. You can also click on the Hero’s picture and select the Auction tab. To bid on an item click on the “Bid” button that is on the line with each item. Place your bid and wait till the auction is over. To sell something click on the “Sell” tab and select one of your items. For this task you may want to select an ointment or bandage and only put a few up for sale. Once you have done this the task will be completed and you can cancel the sale.

More information about auctions can be found here.

Reward: lumber 280 clay 120  iron 220 getreide.gif 110

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