Task 11

Discover mysterious places in your surroundings to collect experience and valuable loot. Open the adventure list and send your hero on their first adventure.

  • Send your hero on their first adventure

    • On the left hand side of the page where your heroes image is you will see two buttons, the one of the left is for adventures and you will want to click that now.
    • Here you will see a list of all your available adventures, choose one of them and click the ‘To the adventure’ button followed by the ‘start adventure’ button to complete the task. Click okay to return to the main screen.
    • You can read more about adventures and how they work here.

Great, your hero is on their way – what are they going to find? Below their image you can see the hero is underway. I will make them arrive now, so that we can see what happens.

Your reward: Your hero immediately arrives at the adventure. Click the ‘Collect reward’ button to receive this and continue on.

Task 12

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