Task 14

Near my image, you can find some additional help regarding the game. There, you can find explanations about the layout and different sections of the user interface. Just give it a try!

  • Open the display interface help and have a look around the user interface

    • This is a similar button to the hint button in your quest guide by the taskmaster. If you click it you will then be able to get an overview on what different areas of the screen are for.
    • Click the ‘close help and return to game button’ to close this screen.
    • You can read more about the display interface help here.

In case you have a specific question, you can always check out our “Answers” first – and you will get help. For that, simply click on the ‘i’ in the header of this window or in the top corner of the screen.

Your reward: lumber 270 clay 300 iron 270 getreide.gif220
Click the ‘Collect reward’ button to receive this and continue on.

Task 15

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