Unit 09 – Chieftain

ChieftainPrerequisites for research: Rally point level 10, Academy level 20
Prerequisites for training: Residence/Palace level 10/(15)/20

Each tribe has an ancient and experienced fighter whose presence and speeches are able to convince the population of enemy villages to join his tribe.

The more often the Chieftain speaks in front of the walls of an enemy village, the more its loyalty sinks until it joins the Chieftain’s tribe.

  Attack value Defense against infantry Defense against cavalry
Value at troop level 0 40 50 50
  Lumber Clay Iron Crop Consumption Research time
Research 15880 22900 25200 22660 / 6:47:55
Training 30750 45400 31000 37500 4 25:11:40
Velocity 5 Fields per hour
Can carry 0 Resources

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